Berrie has been passionate about children’s literature since she was a little girl, and has fed her desire by becoming a children’s librarian and by pursuing a career as an illustrator and writer of children’s books. Berrie’s professional experience includes illustrating books for various businesses and academic institutions.  Berrie has also illustrated a book through Dorrance Publishing.  In addition, she was a selected participant in the Highlights Foundation Super Boot Camp for Writers and Illustrators for her story Bo Peep, Spot and the Bebop Sheep. 

Berrie is the Illustrator Coordinator for the Eastern PA SCBWI. She is looking forward to making connections with professionals while organizing events for illustrators who are on a similar journey of creating beautiful and meaningful picture books.


Summaries of Berrie's stories:

Oliver’s Monkey Business is a humorous mystery story for readers age 3-5.  Children and caregivers will enjoy Oliver’s animal puns and can help Oliver discover who done it by following visual clues in the illustrations.

Queen Tess and the Big Mess

After receiving the gift of a sparkly crown, Tess imagines herself as queen for the day and makes a mess while gathering supplies for her kingdom.  She uses the tablecloth for her cape, paints boxes on the couch for her castle, turns her fish bowl into a moat, and tries to recruit her cat as a knight.  Her dad is not happy with the mess and puts Queen Tess in time-out after she claims, “A Queen doesn’t clean!” Queen Tess brainstorms a plan to make her dad a King and together they engage in imaginative play to clean up the mess and end by taking a royal nap.

The Crayon Club Jules, a child of mixed race, searches for what colors to use for her crayon and discovers things about herself and her family.

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Member SCBWI -

Eastern PA- Illustrator Coordinator

Invited participant - RUCCL One-on-One '18, '19

Invited participant -The Highlights Foundation Super Boot Camp for Writers and Illustrators